Tree & Stump Removal

Storm-damaged trees are a safety hazard. Diseased trees put other trees on your property at risk. Sometimes, the roots of a tree can dig into your concrete or lawn, lifting it up and causing damage. Roots also pose a threat to septic systems. Old tree stumps are an eyesore.

No matter what reason you have to remove a tree or stump, we’ll help. With our mini track hoe, we can remove almost any tree, so long as there are no access issues. We’ll also remove shrubs and bushes if need be.

If you’d like, we can break the wood down into smaller pieces so you can use it as firewood in the future. Otherwise, we’re glad to haul the debris away.

Instead of merely grinding a stump down, we use our equipment to remove the stump entirely, including the roots. The results of a full stump removal simply look better than the results of stump grinding.

When the stump is completely removed, grass is more likely to thrive, and it’s easier to plant something new in the soil. If you’d like, we’ll even install new patches of sod where the stump was.

No matter what, don’t attempt to remove a tree on your own. Without the proper training and equipment, doing so puts you at risk of injury. We’ll handle the task safely.

Some of our Services

  • Whole tree removal
  • Complete stump removal
  • Hole filled in
  • All debris cleaned up and hauled away
  • Can also request wood be left for firewood, will cut into manageable pieces for splitting

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